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Online Driver's 


This self-paced online class fulfills the DMV requirements for Driver's Education.  The cost for the course is $39.  Sign up below to get started right away.

Behind the Wheel 


6-Hours is required by DMV for teens. We offer the completion of the six hours through three 2-hour lessons.

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Behind The Wheel Learning to Drive Requires:

Our Behind the Wheel Training covers the essentials for driving a car.

Lesson 1

We will begin and end at your house or desired location (in most cases).

Our students will receive an overview of the controls of the car and the terminology for the lesson.

Cover smooth peddle control for starting and stopping the car,
Introduce the importance of vision and managing one's emotions,
Turning points and reference points (This includes knowing the size of the car as well as when to turn and how much),
Left and right turns in residential and surface streets,
Blind spots and lane changes (we work at the pace of the student, their comfort and skill level, therefore the amount we cover will vary).

After the first 2 hours, we will be able to give honest feedback on where the student will be able to safely practice. Our hope is for the student to practice at least 15 minutes a day for 2-3 weeks. If the student is not able to safely practice with a parent or trusted adult 25 years or older, then we will request to come back ASAP to reinforce the skills learned in this first lesson.

Lesson 2

This lesson will generally come after about 2-3 weeks of practicing the skills learned on lesson 1.

In this lesson we will:

Work with dynamic control of the vehicle (including how gravity, centrifugal force, and the physical laws interact with the driver and the vehicle).
We will introduce backing, parking and in many cases, we will introduce freeway driving to the student.

Again, we will offer feedback for practicing and be available for any coaching tips that may be wanted or needed. After lesson 2, we encourage our students to practice at least 15 minutes a day for 2-3 weeks.

Lesson 3

Often works to fine tune the student's habits.

Here we will:
Ensure the student is doing the "little things" more habitually (like making full stops behind the limit lines, appropriate space cushions, and visual scanning - these skills are taught throughout the previous lessons, however here is where we tighten the screws so to speak).
During this time, we will also prepare the students as to what they can expect on their driving test. We are not allowed to go on the DMV route, however we will prepare them to be a safe driver and work to limit the surprises they might encounter, on their DMV test, and in life!

The bare minimum for practice is 50 hours according to DMV We recommend at least 80 hours, or more, before allowing your student to drive alone (regardless whether or not they can "pass the test").

Beyond Your Driving Test

Learning to become a safe driver surpasses simply taking a driving test. The exam is the minimum, as are the requirements to qualify for the road test. Therefore, getting HomeSafe, every day is a mindset that requires one to continually learn and develop their skills, technically, as well as their character— through patience and continued learning. These are habits to which we must attend and develop throughout our entire life.

Our Behind the Wheel Training covers the essentials for driving a car.

Online Drivers Education

This driver's education program meets all DMV requirements and is designed to assist you as you get ready to drive. Once you have completed this online course you will be issued the necessary DMV certificates and information that will allow you to take and pass your permit test.





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